Personal Projects

Personal projects I'm currently working on include:

Dear Dad: Lindsay's War (expanded)

An in-depth biographical account of my grandfather's World War One experience - I am writing the book that I want to read. The family have letters, photos, a diary and some items from his service. In 2003 these were collected together in a photobook for family members. I am expanding this and placing his service in the wider historical context. 

Making Art

After a 30 year gap in art making, I spent 2019 taking multiple art classes, most with Browne School of Art in Grey Lynn. In 2020, I am consolidating what I learned and developing my skills.

Life Writing

In February 2020 I did a Life Writing course with Deborah Shephard at the University of Auckland. This has got me back into writing, and we have formed a group that meets regularly. 


A major project this year is to improve my physical health through sustainable lifestyle changes to diet and exercise. I am currently enjoying cooking delicious food from Nadia Lim's Fresh Start, Feel Good book.